Sprouts Sprouts Everywhere Are Sprouts

Today is day three of testing a seed sprouting system I came across four days ago. It is the Freshlife automatic sprouter by Tribest Corp. In the past, whenever I sprouted seeds, I have used a number of methods– everything from sprouting jars to hemp sprouting bags. My old standby that I’ve used most often, though, has been sprouting things in mixing bowls. The number one problem with the mixing bowl method is it takes a few of the mixing bowls out of commission for a few days. This, along with the amount of counter space it takes up, can be a point of contention between my wife and me. I need to add here that it is not necessarily that the bowls take up a lot of space, but it is the kombucha, the sprouts, the hard cider, and any number of my experiments that have taken over the kitchen which she eventually frowns upon. This being said, the Freshlife has a footprint of less than a foot. It is very quiet and it is easy to use. One of its features that I love is that the sprouting tray is sectioned off into four sections, so you can sprout seed medleys keeping in mind sprouting times. The price of this machine is around $100.00 I justify paying this because time is money and you can spend a good deal of time washing and rinsing seeds so that yeast and other microorganisms do not grow. I still need to try out the wheat grass mats that came with the Freshlife. When I do I will let you know what I think.

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