The Quick & Easy of Raw Milk Yogurt

Milk that is fresh from the cow is best, but not everyone is blessed enough to have accesses to such ingredients. If you are not using milk fresh from the cow I need to put the warning out there about using raw products and the risks that come with using them. It is possible to get things like listeria and other bugs, so make at your own risk. That being said some risks are worth taking.

My Method

Place milk in pot and heat to 110° degrees stirring with a wooden spoon. Some recipes tell you to do this in a double boiler, I do not recommend this as it takes too long to reach your target temperature. The longer it takes for you to reach 110° the more risk of pathogen growth you have. As you are heating your milk, wash and sterilize a glass mason jar as you will be using this jar to make your yogurt in. Bring a water bath up to 120°. You are going to be placing the warm jar of milk into this water bath so it is a good practice to start out by placing the milk jar in the water-bath pot just to gauge how much water you need to heat up and not make a mess. The hot water bath should come up to the shoulders of the mason jar. Once the milk is at temperature pour it into the sterilized mason jar, and place your culture into the milk. Now put the lid onto the jar and place it into the 120° water bath. Place the water bath on some towels, and wrap the pot to help keep it insulated for up to 8-12 hours.