A Beer Ingredient List?

The idea of writing about food often appeals to me, but there are always obstacles in the way of me actually doing it. Every once in a while something crosses my radar which i just have to put on the record. Recently there has been an advertising campaign by Budweiser about putting ingredient labels on beer. Any real beer drinker should find this humorous, for the reason that beer is comprised of barley, hops, water, and yeast. See German Beer Purity Law of 1516. Anything else added to this recipe, and you have a malt beverage. You see, many years ago there was an issue with makers of beer putting adjuncts into beer. Adjuncts in beer are typically other kinds of fermentable ingredients. In the case of Budweiser's beer, this takes the form of rice, one of the lease flavorful and the cheapest of the adjuncts.

About 25 years ago when American beer companies started adding rice to their brews, there was an uproar in the beer makers arena because it was no longer actually beer. Budweiser coined the term "American Lager" to to market it as a type of beer. and blue collar and college crowds who were just looking for cheap brew were happy. It was cheap and it was brewed. It just wasn't actually beer. What had been born was the American Lager. From this the American craft beer makers emerged- brewers who cared about the integrity of beer and wanted to experiment with what could come of it. When you see the release of Budweiser's new ingredients label, remember they are raising the flag of "This is the cheapest alcoholic beverage that we can produce, and fool people to drink like beer." Please don't be fooled by this marketing stunt, the only thing I can think of more asinine would be a born on date for a fermented product--- Oh yeah, they did that too.

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