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The Forage 

"To forage is to let nature show you the bounty that lay at your fingertips." 

Evelin Cummings 

You often hear the now cliche term “farm to table,” but have you ever heard of the term Foraged to Fork? For more than a decade, my wife and I cultivated a network of foragers across Southwest Florida that bring some of the unique ingredients that can be found out your front door. We also help people to create edible landscapes. For some, these edible landscapes are cultivated to be less dependent on commercial agriculture, and for others, they are cultivated to have the freshest and nutrient-dense foods possible. 
Now people often have questions about what we do with the product that grows closest to our front door, which are found in the swamps and on the beach here in Southwest Florida. The answer is you can make incredible food with these ingredients. But there are tricks to this trade as some foods can be toxic if not prepared properly. Well, as it happens, we teach classes on this as well. If you are interested in learning more about what is available, how to grow it or how to prepare it, please message us, and we will let you know when we have availability in one of our classes. If you are interested in hosting one of our cooking events, please let us know.

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  Tel: 239-986-3431

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