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The Forage 

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     The term "farm to table" has become a modern cliché. But have you encountered the phrase "Foraged to Fork"? Over the past decade, my wife and I have fostered a network of foragers throughout Southwest Florida. They source distinctive ingredients that might be just outside your front door. Additionally, we assist individuals in designing edible landscapes. Some cultivate these landscapes to lessen their reliance on commercial agriculture, while others aim to access the freshest and most nutrient-rich foods.

     Many inquire about our utilization of produce that thrives right by our doorstep—sourced from the swamps and beaches of Southwest Florida. The reality is that such ingredients can lead to spectacular dishes. However, expertise is essential because certain foods can be hazardous if not handled correctly. Fortunately, we offer classes on this very subject. If you wish to delve deeper into available ingredients, learn cultivation techniques, or master preparation methods, please reach out. We'll inform you about upcoming class openings. Moreover, if you're keen on hosting one of our cooking events, we'd be eager to hear from you.

  Tel: 239-986-3431

Thanks for your intrest!

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