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The healthcare industry demoralizes the practitioners of medicine and the people they care for.


The healthcare industry is demoralizing the practice of medicine and the people they care for. America is a country that provides its citizens with essential freedoms, opportunities, and choices. Nevertheless, when it comes to the healthcare system, these principles no longer apply. Regarding health insurance, people are labeled as numbers, have limited choices, and are constantly disadvantaged. Not only does the healthcare system negatively impact patients of all kinds, but it also affects the practitioners in the medical field. Doctors, Nurses, Residents, sick, old, young, healthy, financially poor, and economically stable are all negatively affected.
Nonetheless, it was only sometimes this way. In the beginning, health insurance and health care were created to help those in the working class be compensated for their lives and treatment while they were still sick. Now business and business executives have infiltrated the healthcare system to help generate more revenue instead of caring for and curing a patient’s illness. Unfortunately, health care has demoralized the practice of medicine. This thesis will explain what Health insurance is and how it was created in America. It will go through a timeline from its initial creation, to its rise in popularity, to its business-driven switch, to its power over the practice of medicine today. This thesis will also offer those who read it from various doctors and medical professionals a personally generated survey and suggestions on what people can do to combat the healthcare system. This thesis seeks to inform and give potential solutions to this enormous problem. Hopefully, with more education, awareness, and tips, people can finally experience the freedom to choose new opportunities in American healthcare.

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