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The manipulation of data concerning the performance and safety of EVs makes it near impossible to evaluate the pros and cons of EVs over ICE 

The manipulation of data concerning the performance and safety of EVs makes it near impossible to evaluate the pros and cons of EVs over ICE


"Earth is likely to cross a critical threshold for global warming within the next decade, and nations will need to make an immediate and drastic shift away from fossil fuels to prevent the planet from overheating dangerously beyond that level, according to a major new report released on Monday." (Plumer)
After over a century of advancements in the automotive industry, the court of popular opinion has dictated that we must move on from the old technology that is the Internal combustion engine. Supposedly, gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles are killing the environment, and they will ultimately lead to our demise. Electric vehicles will inevitably swoop down like an angel from heaven and fix our problems with zero adverse side effects. The proof they provide for us gasoline-loving hill-billy's: "a major new report." I certainly would not want to make up your mind for you, but I will indulge in some obvious questions I feel should be answered. For instance, "Do these people.
(so-called environmentalists) have even the faintest idea of how those "lung-murdering" 6.2L Supercharged V8s work?" "How are Electric vehicles like the Tesla Model X or a Chevrolet Bolt manufactured?" How do Electric vehicles work?" "If these toxic fumes are a problem, could you explain how a car's exhaust system works?" I would pay no mind to any environmentalist who would tell me which cars are killing the environment and which ones aren't if he or she could not identify where the engine is on a vehicle! It is this kind of misinformation and clear lack of understanding that will blindly drag us all down to the murky depths of "zero-emissions" propaganda. Through my own research, I find it challenging to make any claims surrounding the debate of EVs vs. ICEs. The rampant misuse of sometimes invalid or manipulated data is appalling. Articles claiming that "a major new report proves the environmental benefit of EVs" or that "this claim is proven by data and experts" fail to provide any source or link to legitimate research to back up these claims. That being said, it is still clear through a small number of unbiased facts, logic, case studies, current events, and cross-references that EVs should not eradicate and replace gasoline cars. EVs are not zero-emission, as almost every news article and Tesla owner claims. Every article supporting, defending, or praising EVs I have found either manipulated data, given claims without any source or research, or provided evidence that contradicts data provided by other sources on either side of the argument. Our current economy cannot support an electrical hierarchy, and neither can our technology. Multiple major blackouts and brownouts in California, Texas, and Germany prove that we are, at present, incapable of handling large amounts of electricity being used, stored, or generated. There are also inherent safety risks involved in EVs that are not found in ICEs, one of which being lithium fires and spontaneous combustion in a crash. The effects of EV battery production and the methods to obtain materials for battery production are devastating to the environment, economy, and indigenous people involved. Lithium mining, Cobalt mining, and Nickel mining are all necessary for producing an EV Battery, and all contribute significantly to environmental damage and toxic gas emissions. This thesis will provide a comprehensive explanation of the ICE and EV. It will include cross-referencing of information provided by a multitude of articles to expose misinformation and blatant evidence concealing. In conclusion, it is unreasonable, irresponsible, and illogical to even consider the replacement of ICEs. The world is not ready for this alleged renewable energy shift, and it may never be.

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