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A Bit About Chef Don Splain

An accomplished executive chef with over 25 years of experience in farm-to-table cuisine, Chef Don Splain represented Paradise Coast at Condé Nast (Bon Appétit) in 2020 highlighting the best local ingredients from Southwest Florida. Committed to culinary excellence, quality ingredients, and genuine hospitality, he believes all of life is enriched by a sound reverence for food: growing it, harvesting it, preparing it, and sharing it. Recognizing food's importance culturally, socially, environmentally, and physically inspires his continued excitement to learn and share knowledge. He is always adding to his understanding of culinary processes, artisanal food-ways, regional specialty cuisines, charcuterie, farm-to-table networking, and nutrition, with the goal to provide the best possible food and dining experience for those he serves. Having worked both domestically and abroad in restaurants, catering, private dining, banquet venues, and consulting, Chef Don is proud that his career has always been based on the field-to-plate relationship highlighting the best seasonal, regional ingredients around.

To View Chef Don Splain's résumé, please click the link below. 

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